Cooking and such.

Welcome to my humble kitchen. The way of the cook is simple. You do not need much. Obligatory is a good set of blades or knives, another pot or pan or two or three, a stove and a cutting board. A little space to chop and slice helps nicely too. Otherwise, my cooking is ingredient driven. Better to pay the grocer than the doctor!

As a home cook , believing in the ingredients and having respect for them is basic. Knowing where your ingredients come from makes it all the better. Better yet, if you have your kitchen garden or”potager” and grow some of your own food. It is also cool to get to know the people who are on your food chain….the people who bring the ingredients to you or where you go to get them. I enjoy shopping at farmers markets, and then again, I’m lucky enough to

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork

work at an Italian grocery store in Boston.


3 thoughts on “Cooking and such.

  1. Hey Ray- beautiful shots of your culinary handiwork. Man those sea scallops look mitey fine indeed. I will give them a try. Susy and I need to take a trip up to beantown for some dinner and catch up. Keep up the good work. We are back in Richmond after 5 years in Florida and DC. Been playing some music along the way. Best to you and Brian.


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