Live and Direct

This is whats for dinner tonight. These are Romano pole beans. I use 8ft long bamboo poles for support. Already, the tallest pole beans are 11ft and will continue to grow. It’s like Jack and the beanstalk here. I also grow two other types this year, Supermarconi and Borlotti. I’ve been picking them in dribs and drabs all week and have a handful to eat. It looks like I’m going to be eating plenty of them as well. Which reminds me…what will I do with them tonight?

You’ll see these tonight too….again all in dribs and drabs…..which is fine by me. I can’t eat it all at once. These re-seeded from last year somehow, so I kept them.

Trofiette is a cut of pasta from Liguria. That’s the Italian Riviera. I guess I’m going there for supper. Who wants to come with me?

….and this is Trofie, a larger version of Trofiette. Liguria is the Italian Riviera region. Genoa is the regional capital and is also Italy’s largest fishing port. The football team, Sampdoria, are from here. Once upon a time, Genoa was it’s own city state/republic. Christopher Columbus was born here. The classic sauce of the area is Pesto Genovese, otherwise known as basil pesto. I think I’ll stay here for supper this evening. Who wants to come with me?

Kitchen time and here is our Mis-en-Place. Mis-en-Place is a French kitchen that translates as, literally, to put into place or, otherwise, your plan of work. Organisation, in one word. I chose the bag of pasta with the cutie because it takes 15 minutes to cook. Trofiette takes 20 plus and I’m built for speed. All of the fresh produce, the basil, the pole beans, the garlic and the tomatoes, i grew in my little kitchen garden. All of the other items come from where I work. The olives are called Taggiasca olives, from Liguria. I’m using Ligurian extra virgin olive oil. The varietal of basil I grow is named “Genovese”. I have a wedge of Parmigiana-Reggiano and some toasted pine-nuts. I could almost make Pesto Genovese. There are also some freshly opened shell beans. These are the Borlotti. All kinds of fun stuff.

Pole beans all good to go with garlic, toasted pine-nuts and that Ligurian extra virgin olive oil. I’m just waiting for the pasta to finish cooking. To be honest, I got hungry and ate the shell beans and Parmagiana cheese together as an antipasto. I ate the tomatoes and some olives while I was at it to pad out the snack.

…..and this is supper. Trofie con Fagioli e Basilico or pasta with beans and basil, loaded with just picked basil. I fell in love with the food of Italy for many reasons, simplicity was one of them. Seasonality was another. Shared values sealed it. Okay, back to the dish, I need some Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese to complete the the dish.

This is Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Put some of this all over your pasta.













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