The Fish That Got Away.


Truth be told, my Feast of the Seven Fishes went very well until the battery ran out in the camera. The moment that was not to be photographed included sea-bass, braised fava bean greens and pole beans. As I pressed click, nothing happened, battery dead, bink your out, game over……..Next! I just sat and ate and contemplated how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to cook with these ingredients. I felt, in one way, that my menu was not so much about the fish but more about the vegetables. I had grown everything in my backyard in the city. I had picked and harvested, stashed and stored, froze and otherwise preserved items as well as picked produce Christmas Day.  So now, when all is said and done, I’m glad it’s all over but whats to do with some left-overs, some dairy and a refridgerater.


Winter has just begun and it is a cold, snowy night here in Boston. The tomatoes for this sauce are from my garden and dated August 23. The beans I pulled from the freezer are two Italian heirloom varietals called “Romano” and “Supermarconi”.


The problem with cream sauces is that they usually resemble and taste like………….oh, the kitchen muse suggests……….wallpaper paste. When the rare moment arises that I am in the mood for a cream sauce, it just means that I have to make it myself. Funnily enough, the only time I eat cream sauces is Winter time. This lighter style cream sauce is not lacking for garlic, lemon, black pepper and parsley but also has smoked mackerel through it. The use of dairy indicates a more northern style of cooking. For me, for my way of cooking, here is one of my own little rules. Never serve cheese with seafood.


To clarify, in the sense of simple cooking……….I never serve cheese with seafood. But, with the right fish and the right time of year, I do not mind using butter and cream in cooking. In the Winter, it seems is when I use most dairy in my cooking. ..chowders, rice puddings, chocolate. Whatever is left over, I make a cream sauce.


Tagliatelle tossed with smoked mackerel and arugula in my lemon and garlic cream sauce. And no, I did not make the pasta from scratch. That’s another day. Here, don’t skimp on the arugula and eat enough so as you won’t even think about a cream sauce again for another month. Now you have to burn those cream calories off……





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