Kill Two Birds With The Same Stone


Tallegio is softer and creamier, great for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. Start your day off with it on toast with honey. It goes great on a white pizza. Stuff a chicken breast with it, if you have to. I like it after dinner with some seasonal fruit, if you can find any that’s worth buying in Winter. Give me an apple anytime


Frittata is the Italian quiche without the pastry. Lots of different cheeses and flavors lend themselves to this very simple classic egg dish. I used mostly left-overs in my frittata. Mine was composed of Tallegio, broccoli, potato, black olives and smoked ham. For my night, a perfect appetiser with minimal clean-up.


Oven is on…….kill two birds with the one stone. Massachussets Flounder fillets baked with my garden tomato sauce and the end of the black olives until I go shopping again. This is the ideal of simple cooking……easy prep, easy cooking and easy clean-up. That’s what we all want at the end of a busy work-day. So much better if it looks and tastes good too. Even better, if we can support our local farmers, fisher people and foragers and so on.


Piave Vecchio……Piave is the name of a river and “vecchio” means aged. This is cows milk cheese the way I like. What’s it like? Sort of a cross between an aged Gouda, an aged cheddar and a decent Swiss. I like to eat it on a whole wheat crostini by itself or with a bowl of soup. Eat like a peasant.


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