My Dinner with Bugs Bunny and John Lennon.


This is where supper begins tonight. I’m lucky I get to have an almost year round kitchen garden. Even for the size of my little space, it takes a yard of planning to have a little something for the dregs of Winter. Something that really makes it worthwhile to cook



Carrots….and lots of them. I like how they are not all uniform. They don’t look like prize-winners but they have a certain Bugs Bunny factor. What’s up, Doc?
I planted the carrots last August. And I’m happy that they went this late into the season. Now is a good time to pick them. From a gardening point of view, the moon is waxing and next week it is going to freeze. They won’t go the distance being left in the ground to over-winter. So, I guess it’s time to PULL…….sorry, Bugs, did’nt mean to scare you. I meant pull the carrots, not the trigger.


I really gave little thought as to how I wanted to prepare these carrots. I knew that it was going to be risotto…………carrot risotto, plain and simple. Rabbit friendly too. But still the risotto needed something more.


All I can say is bring on Winter Farmers Markets. I added locally grown organic radicchio. Green radicchio, no less.
The bitterness of the radicchio was softened by the sweetness of the carrots. The risotto or rice was in the background and acted as a bridge between the two star players. When I make risotto or any kind of rice dish, let’s be honest, rice is boring by itself. Munch, chew, keep munching. Boring, my risotto’s always have more of the good stuff, like the carrots and radicchio. Then it’s fun to chew and munch away.
One idea that intrigued me as a young aspiring chef was the idea of imagining you are making music when you cook. Or singing, high notes and low notes coming together into a rhythm. Balance and harmony. And this is reflected by what hit’s the plate. Either a plate of jumble or a mighty fine bass-line for those carrots.


Split pea soup is a good winter warmer. I made this with potato, parsnip, carrot, onion, garlic, smoked prosciutto, sage and bay leaf and water. While this soup simmered away, I made the risotto….with water also. Easy peasy so far. All I am saying is give peas a chance.


Lemony, garlicky, hot and spicy broccoli as a side dish.


This is Irish brown soda bread pre-oven. Somebody did ask me for a recipe, However, I have largely stayed from providing recipes. Recipes are just guidelines. And there are lots of recipes out there. Indeed, every Irish family would somehow make it just a little differently. There does not seem to be a grand master recipe. See my earlier posting on Traditional Irish Brown Soda Bread.


But if you really, really want my “recipe” or technique, more than one person is going to have to ask. I have no problem sharing, especially with Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner. In fact, I’m delighted to share…….a photo tutorial. It’s not neuroscience or urban engineering. It’s only bread. Eat simple.


Traditionally, Irish soda bread is made with wheat flour. In this instance, I swapped out the wheat for farro. I have’nt done this before and I am here alone. I bet it is going to taste great. Seriously, it is all about the crust.





4 thoughts on “My Dinner with Bugs Bunny and John Lennon.

  1. i do it is an anagram of idiot. Wordplay. Just like your buddy, Johnny Depp, channeled Pepe Le Pew and Keith Richards to play Jack Sparrow. I borrowed the same technique. Carrots and Bugs Bunny is a no-brainer. But John Lennon and green split pea soup. All I am saying is give peas a chance. More wordplay.


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