Bread…….My Flavor


This is a ball of bread dough made with farro that I have milled. I like my breads coarser and a little bit more rustic, with a higher ratio of whole grain flour. Here I used farro. And the ratio of farro to bread flour is about 2:1, in farro’s favor. I have to be careful how much I knead the dough on account of the general coarseness of the grain. I’m trying to avoid having the sharp edges of the coarsely milled farro from slicing into or otherwise cutting the strands of gluten. It is the gluten which give the bread it’s bounce. And then, the percentage of moist ingredients to dry ingredients is about 65%. I used about 14 ounces of liquid and about 22 ounces of dry ingredients. Whatever about the mathematics, percentages, ratios, equations and formulas, I find bread making with yeast to be enjoyable. Even though it is easier to go and blow money on bread, I’m happy to make the effort. I try to keep the bread program at home manageable. Within my means of time, energy, opportunity and cost. I make it work for me. The bread dough sat unattended in the fridge for five days until I was ready. This slower proofing time is what gives the bread it’s spine.


Let’s see what can be done. I split the dough into two pieces and I used two different forms to shape them.


Home made Black Olive Bread. Originally meant to be styled as a ciabatta, the limitations of the size of my pizza stone forced me to compromise. It fit this way, so this way, it was.


And then, this one is shaped like a ball or “boule”……hence, boulangerie…..where you go to buy the bread.


I’m a big believer in any kind of bread you do at home is already going to be better than anything you can buy. These breads will also last a few days. The thing with my home bread program is that I only make the items I like and that I will eat. Time is a big factor. Simple cooking from scratch requires time. Manage your kitchen well and eat like a peasant. Thanks for checking me out. Hello, Italy and Hello, France.

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