My Supper With Saint Patrick and James Joyce


No matter how you slice it, that cross is always there. Brown soda bread………pre-oven. Have another pint, Pat.


Not exactly cockles and mussels, but Bloomsday enough. Alive, alive oh! Saint Patrick is a who are ya for the oysters. I like that the mussels still have sea floor still attached.


The foundation of this seafood stew is a combination of roasted rutabaga and celery root with smoked prosciutto.


A seafood stew of mussels, oysters and cod………………….I used a splash of white wine to moisten the pan to generate enough steam to cook the cod and shellfish.


I finished the fish with parsley-hazelnut gremolata. This oddball set of root vegetables paired deliciously with the smoked prosciutto and seafood. Also I added some raw chicory leaves to the cooking at the last minute. I borrowed the spirit of “confit” for this dish where everything was cooked in it’s own juices. Hence, the plate is not awash in “shellfish broth”. The flavors are far more concentrated now with mussel liquor, oyster milk, fish juice, smoked prosciutto and the roots take on an entire new expression. The hazelnuts, long appreciated in Irish countryside cooking, add texture throughout. Whilst cooking, I asked myself what was it that we ate before the potato arrived. Perhaps I could try to explain that at some point. Eat like a peasant. Thanks for reading.


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