The Callous Dhow Boys


A serious fish cook is hard to find. These silvery streaks are fresh sardines and all I’m going to do is light a fire and grill them as an appetiser. Sardines are popular throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. I was reminded of the traditional sailing vessel, the dhow.


This fish is called Scup, also known as Porgy. It is a member of the bream family and many of its cousins swim in other parts of the world. But this one is from Cape Cod. There is plenty of it and it is still relatively inexpensive, all for the good.
The dhow is an Arab trading vessel. They sailed out of the Red Sea area and the Arabian Gulf region. Their journeys took them south to Zanzibar, off the East African coast and across the ocean to India. My guess is that the sailors ate a lot of fish on the way.


Make sure you start off with a clean grill. Get rid of the junk with a stiff brush. The zen is getting your grill hot enough without incinerating yourself or the fish.


For example, I grilled the bread without destroying it. It just about fits on the grill and should have this delicious, smoky flavour to it.


“Splash”, say the fishes in the sea.


This is good. Here the zen is not to leave any skin behind on the grill as well as to have the fish nicely tanned and blistered.


Radicchio in my kitchen garden.


That’s it… grilled sardines, fennel and bread. Save the last sardine for lunch tomorrow.


Whole grilled fish……….I like it with good olive oil and lemon. Eat like a peasant.


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