Full Contact Gardening Meets Full Contact Cooking.


It has been a long, cold winter in Boston. Spring is in though and my little kitchen garden is busy. These are garlic chives and come back every year.


These are going to be onions and scallions. Too bad, I won’t have any shallots this year.


Spring chives………I use them on everything.


Garlic. These lived under 5 feet of snow this winter. Yes, I know, I shoveled it.


Asparagus. I planted this 4 years ago. This is first time to pick any so this on the menu tonight. Asparagus Surprise.


These little seedlings are kale. Cavolo Nero Toscano or Tuscan black kale. They will be thinned out as they grow. Fingers crossed. I also stuck in the ground seeds for fennel, parsley, chervil, romaine, brocolli rabe, kohl rabe, mustard and wild fennel.


Radishes all lined up.


Radicchio……..right now it is nice and sweet. As the season advances, the radicchio gets more bitter.


Somehow peas have struggled for me this year. I’m blaming the cold spring.


Wild arugula……..this is the spicy stuff and this will be on the menu tonight also. First of the season wild arugula. Next to it…..wild fennel. Too early to pick that just yet. I grow this for the pollen……..fennel pollen from my garden, how cool is that?


Tonight’s salad bowl candidates……arugula, dandelion, lovage, radicchio and fresh herbs.


Garden asparagus and chives with some farm eggs becomes……….


Frittata Primavera or spring asparagus and herbs baked with farm eggs. All it needs is a glass of Prosecco. To celebrate Spring, of course.


This gratin is made with potato, roasted fennel and olive oil. I used no dairy. And I bought the potatoes and fennel. But hey, I did plant some fennel seed to day as well as wild fennel. This gratin reminds me of Provencal cooking. Simple and rustic.


Roasted rutabaga. I have never grown rutabaga but turnips are on the list. I bought this rutabaga. This one comes from Prince Edward Island. They know how to grow these things up there. After roasting, all it needs is a splash of olive oil and black pepper.


Skillet roasted codfish with lemon, garden chives, olive oil and garden greens.


Eat like a peasant.


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