Nice Ass


I know. When all else fails, asparagus attracts an audience. I planted asparagus crowns four years ago. This is the first year I was able to pick anything meaningful. Despite the snowy winter, despite the colder, dryer spring, my little micro climate in my little kitchen garden delivered for me. And then it was over. See ya….gone…..done. This is asparagus with braised fish, preserved tomatoes and olives.


Pasta and asparagus, a spring classic. One permutation of Pasta Primavera. I added baby arugula from my garden to pad it out.


Asparagus soup……pureed and finished with extra virgin olive oil and garden chives.


Grilled asparagus. No more asparagus until next year. I have to wait on garden asparagus risotto. Maybe I should try to expand the asparagus plot. Another three or four years in the making. In the meantime and the be here now, I am picking arugula, radicchio and mustard greens everyday for spring salads. It does not sound like much but it sure beats buying salad mix. I saw it being priced at $4.49 for 5 ounces up the street in the local supermarket. I like my flavor better. Better my garden bugs and insects than their Salmonella and t’ing. Eat like a peasant.


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