Grill Interupted.


Who does’nt like grilled potatoes?


I have never grilled cauliflower before but I like the look of it already. I tossed it with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. After finishing grilling, I will pour more olive oil over it.


This piece of bread dough weighs one pound. I’ve stretched it out to about a 10-inch round. My little grill is only so big and I do not want to smother the flame. Let’s throw this on the fire.


I enjoy grilling because the technique is so elemental. But it is a skill that requires attention. This grill has no bells or whistles, no knobs or temperature gauges. You are on your own. All it needs is a match and some paper to get the lump charcoal lit. Fire and air to keep it going. The attention to detail is really what matters, from getting the bread onto the grill to not burning it.


The bread is beginning to bubble. That’s good. There is some heat underneath. The zen balance is the size of your grill, your fire and your bread. I own a small grill which means I build a smaller fire. With a smaller grill, the bread is going to be closer to the fire. The temperature of the heat is important. You do not want to incinerate the bread. And last but not least, don’t be screwing around taking photographs. I can smell the bread burning.


That was close. Maybe a hair on the dark side but still looking good. And now the underside.


This looks good enough.


Spiedini di gamberi marinato alle erbe. Shrimp skewers marinated with garden herbs. I used parsley and rosemary. Garlic and lemon too.


Shrimps over fire. Thanks for reading and looking. Eat like a peasant.


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