Winging It.


These are Spanish Rioja garlic scapes. You have to clip these so as to have pickable garlic bulbs in about a months time. In the meantime, use the scapes the same way you would use garlic. Despite the cold spring here, I am surprised that they seem to have arrived early. A second variety I planted, Purple Glazer, has not begun to (e)scape yet. Apparently, this has been the coldest spring since 1996. No wonder everything is struggling in my little garden. But as long as I have garlic, I am content.


Earthy crunchy home made whole wheat pizzette topped with roasted beets, crumbled goats milk cheese and garden scallions. Zen spartan brilliance. Match this with some salad, some immaculate olive oil and if you are feeling frisky, have another glass of wine.


I like this image for a couple of reasons. I like how the parsley stem still has the pea tendril still attached. Clearly, the peas used the parsley for support. The onion, thyme and parsley bring back austere memories of damp mornings and steamy kitchens. But  parsley still remains my favorite herb. And this particular variety is called “Gigante d’Italia”. Or “Giant of Italy”. Think gigantic. This will grow over four feet in my little space. This parsley is nowhere near what is available in a regular grocery. It has some spine, snap and flavor.


I have mentioned Red’s Best seafood previously on this blog. The skate is from Woods Hole on Cape Cod. Images of cool underwater exploration, Robert Ballard and Titanic. Skate is very cartilaginous. Skate wing is the pectoral fin which is used for flying or gliding through water. Though it is difficult to overcook this fish, believe me, it can be done. You do not really want to that thus making the wing rubbery. The cooked wing should simply melt in your mouth


I seasoned the fish with black pepper and very lightly with salt. Besides using the garden grown garlic scapes and parsley, I also used home made preserved lemon and salted capers to flavor the fish. Skate needs big flavors and acidity to cut through all that wing juiciness. The preserved lemon and salted capers add a Sicilian accent. But everyone knows that the very best capers come from the island of Pantellaria. Pantellaria is closer to north Africa than it is to Sicily. Make sure to use lots of good extra virgin olive oil.


Sicilian flavors and Sicilian oil. Planeta puts out decent wine also. I refer you all to my earliest postings on all about extra virgin olive oil. Essential information that answers all the questions you are afraid to ask.


Peas starting to drop. I’m going to pick some so as to encourage more pod growth.


Sauteed garden onion and pea pods accented with thyme. Eat like a peasant. Thanks for reading.

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