In My Solstice Garden


Summer is officially here. This is a section of what is happening in my garden for the start of summer. The raspberries are starting to turn black.


One big raspberry bush. There are going to be lots.


Blueberries on the way too.


The onions have keeled over. This is what they do and they are on time. You can set your watch by them. Right now, all of their energy is being channeled into swelling the onion. The leaves need to turn color before I can pick them. Really, though, you can pick them anytime but I want to try and store some.


Very soon, I will have fennel pollen……barring any mishaps.


Kohl rabe is starting to be kohl rabe.


Some of these peas have reached over 6 foot tall. These are whats for breakfast. You absolutely cannot buy this flavor. I’m facing east, the sun is coming up.


Pole beans are beginning to run.


I’m a sucker for this type of thing. Now, I have to find space for it.


It’s a grasshopper, ……. grasshopper!


Tomatoes are beginning to flower. This year I put in Brandywines, Green Zebra, Piroform and Chocolate cherry tomatoes. All from Grateful Farm in Franklin, Massachussetts.


Baby fennel not quite ready.


A mystery reseeded squash, maybe pumpkin……who knows. Nasturtiums in the background.


Potatoes. I might have missed the boat with these but they are in the ground and being potatoes. So far, so good. Look at those big hairy leaves.


Leeks……….thanks for looking at my blog. Have a good summer.


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