Full Contact Independence Day Cooking.


Tonight’s mis-en-place or plan of work……….just picked garden peas, little onions, beautiful garlic and a handful of herbs. My flavah!


If you taste this garlic raw right now, you will never ever look at garlic quite the same way ever again. In its just picked raw state all of the sugars are still running so that when you taste it like that, it is not at all what you expect garlic to be. I think that is like…….wicked awesome! Plus I get braggers rights about its color. As well as a notable abscence of any psychic vampires.


Let’s see………..garden pea risotto. I prefer to use carnarioli rice for my risotti. This is a classic Spring dish in some locations and a great way for me to celebrate Independence Day here in New England. I used my own garden onions, those little ones as well as a spray of parsley and basil to accent the peas. I could have picked the peas a day earlier. C’est la vie>


I had a couple of kohl rabes. I peeled them, grated them, added olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs from my little garden. At 94 degrees, you really do not want your stove on for too long or at all. Risotto takes less than twenty minutes. The rest of the cooking is outside.


I am certainly a subscriber to the notion that great grill/roast cooks are borne, not made. All of dinner is made and is waiting for grilled chicken parts. How American is that.That’s all I have to do…..not screw up the chicken. I marinated these legs and thighs with garden rosemary and garlic. I was lazy in the heat, I marinated them for an hour or so. But still, no matter what you do, the point of the exercise is not to burn the meat. Have fun grilling. Thanks for reading. Eat like a peasant.


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