Bad Ass Mother……..


This is mother-of-vinegar. And this is homemade slow made apple cider vinegar. The apple juice is from last Autumn.



Cherries and Goats Milk Feta from the Greek market is the starting point of this flatbread. I wanted a Middle Eastern accent so I just picked the thyme as is and added some green coriander seeds. Then I remembered unsalted pistachio nuts in my freezer.


I received this bottle of extra virgin olive oil for Fathers Day from my son, Eoin. I like his exquisite good taste.


Pre-oven…….I had some Tallegio that needed to be used up.



I pressed cumin seed into the stretched out dough where it would meet the baking stone. The cumin toasted and roasted and added a layer of mystery. And teased me. So much potential for this little plate. Spiced game bird of some kind like quail or squab. Perhaps trade in the cherries for another in season stone fruit. I like plums. Or nectarines. And work on the spice a little too. You get the idea. Eat like a peasant. Thanks for reading.


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