How to go Organic.


I imagine my little kitchen garden. And I work with nature. I want lots of bees smothered in pollen, drunk on it. Yee-haw!


How to go organic…….there are lot of ways……….start with compost and earthworms. And thank busy soil organisms hard at work for you in your space.


Take care of your seed. Bless it when you sow. Observe the weather. Keep a garden journal. Know the cycles of the moon.


Weed early and often. Enjoy the gifts of the season. Save your seeds.


And while you are doing all of that and more besides, try to learn how to make polenta. Four Star Farms are on my blogroll. Give them a turn.


Polenta is the widow-maker of northern Italian cooking. Organically speaking, who feels it, knows it.


Most of all, going organic is the right thing to do. And everything that you grow always tastes better anyway


And everything you make and cook will taste better.


From my little space…….cauliflower, pole beans and garlic.


Going organic means celebrating the seasons. I love striped bass caught in New England. For me, it is the best of summer with lots of vegetables. Credit to RedsBest Seafood at Dewey Square Farmers Market in Boston for this immaculate striped bass. I braised the fish in a version of Ratattouille with Poblano peppers and ate it with lots of basil from my garden. Eat like a peasant.


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