A Sirius Thing.


Sirius, otherwise known as the Dog Star, is high in the night sky and so begins the dog days of Summer. Theoretically, everything ought to be busting out. And they are. But in my micro garden, things operate at a slower pace.


Though these tomatoes are still green, according to my micro climate here in the city, they ought to be ripe sometime in the next two weeks to coincide with the August Full Moon. I say ought because the tomatoes will not all ripen at the same time. There is an element of so far, so good and fingers crossed. I have noticed this year that my little kitchen garden has been mostly unaffected by insect infestation.


Swiss Chard did very well for me this year…….for the first time ever. It was worth pursuing because now it adds to the scope and range of items that I like to cook. If I am lucky, I will have time to prepare a Ligurian style torta.


This is a swamp cicada beetle. These guys come back every year instead of every seventeen years. My cat, Agent Orange, brought this home as a sort of tribute and acknowledgement of the good times he is having. I knew something was up with his excitement. His maw was chockfull of live beetle. I enjoy their transparent, veiney wings. This Tinker-Bell was having none of that.


To confirm. Yes, the cicada is one big bug. In fairness, credit must go to Agent Orange for his contribution in  demonstrating his role in his urban food chain.


These are scarlet runner pole beans coiling themselves around sunflower stems.


This is Tuscan black kale. The New Moon begins Tuesday and it will be ready for picking this week. And maybe time to plant some more for Autumn.


This is Nigella or black cumin. I know it colloquially as “Love in a Mist”. It looks like it is going to flower. With the New Moon this week, I will be sowing more. Again fingers crossed. Who does’nt love cumin. Thanks for reading.Eat like a peasant.


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