Another Thyme, Another Place.


I was happy to see that my little thyme plant was one of the survivors in my garden. It’s resilience to crusty New England winters reminded me of another one or two of its virtues. It grows great in certain parts of the southern Mediterranean and is especially tasty with fish. My garden thyme is a magic carpet.


Tavira is a fishing town located in the eastern Algarve region of southern Portugal. And when you absolutely have to have the freshest fish……Well, this is how we do it.


Find the freshest fish that you can. Leave it whole. Small fish works better. Light a fire.


Any fish with a gammy eye, you don’t touch.


Cooking utensils are simple. All you need is a decent pair of tongs to fit your grip and a fish spatula. In fact, a fish spatula is just about the last word for outdoor grilling. Get a decent one. One that won’t melt. Use sea salt that you enjoy.


This is my first attempt at grilling in 2014.


What I like about outdoor grilling is the unpredictability. But, altogether, I’m pleased with my blistered fish.


Different sized fish will have  different cooking times. And the grill cook is always responsible for his fire.


This fish is called scup, or porgie.


Grilled fish, off the fire, Tavira style.




And then, back to reality. Eat like a peasant. Thanks for reading.