….Introducing myself


Hello. I’m Raymond Gillespie. My life as a cook began when I was 6 years old. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the following 15 years or so went a lot towards laying the foundations of my own take on food and cooking.

In 1985, I moved from Ireland to the United States and settled in Boston. Essentially, I have worked in restaurants and kitchens since my arrival. I landed with the best intentions and dreams. As a cook, I was fortunate to have worked in 3 and 4 star kitchens receiving a classical education, mostly with a severe French influence. It was only later that I gravitated towards the Italian kitchen, so to speak. The catalyst for this move was football…and personality.

So now that I no longer cook professionally, I still work around good food everyday. More importantly, I get to cook for and sustain myself.  I also have time to explore more and indulge my food related topics of passion, that is, geography and history. A good cook never stops learning. I have to credit geography as a big resource in this aspect.

I also grow a garden, a small kitchen garden. It’s one source of some of the ingredients I like to play with. I love shopping at farmers’ markets also. But the truth is that I love to cook in a peasant style….Life after cheffing!


5 thoughts on “….Introducing myself

  1. I got hooked on this brown bread in Ireland last fall. I’ve tried making it here but have not had to much luck. I am going to order the flour but do you use the brown bread mix or use the whole meal coarse flour. I bake my bread in camp dutch ovens, using briquets out side.



    • Hi Dick, I’m delighted you got to experience brown bread in Ireland. In reply to your question, I use the whole meal coarse flour. Good luck with your continued efforts, Raymond. By the way, what kind of briquets are you using?


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