Johnny Rock, Johnny Roll, Johnny Roll and Roll.


This is definitely one of the colder days here in New England. A day to crank that oven on and also to make pasta from scratch…….2 eggs, 6 oz bread flour, pinch of salt. With this you can make pasta. I splurged by adding some chopped parsley and thyme.


Beat those eggs up and slowly incorporate everything. At home, I like to use a fork to do this.


The hard part is kneading………keep at it. You might be surprised at how how much flour two eggs can absorb. Kneading is the key and will ultimately determine the quality of your pasta dough. It does’nt matter how local your eggs are or how organic your flour is if you do not treat them appropriately. So, yeah, keep kneading.


Now, there are herbed pasta sheets to play with. You can see the mottled effect from the chopped up parsley leaves.


Ravioli, it is, with mushroom and potato filling.


Little hand made mushroom stuffed ravioli.


Crimping the edges seals the filling inside. These ravioli are nice and plump.


I sauced the ravioli with a quick tomato sauce, added more herbs, extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiana and called it macaroni. Good enough on this frigid day. Thanks for looking at my blog.

This is Parmigiana-Reggiano.

This is Parmigiana-Reggiano.


Winter being winter.