Have A Knife Day.


Knives and lots of them. There are more. But every once in a while it is good to round them up and sort them out. What do you really need everyday. And sharpen them with a whetstone and or steel. Using knives regularly involves a degree of maintenance. Taking care of your blades is fundamental support for your cooking energies. And before I forget, invest in a set of real blades or kitchen knives. And a wine key or two while you are at it.


Two blades……..the one on the bottom, I bought in Fall of 1982. I still use it everyday. The blade on top is the latest model. The two big differences are the metal size at the base of the hilt or handle. And then where your thumb would be whilst gripping the blade, the steel is curved in the top blade. The steel runs straight in the bottom knife. A classic design, nonetheless. I still like my old one better despite it’s wear and tear.


And so yes…….Wusthoff knives from Germany are well represented in my kit. I like the weight of the knives and also just how they feel in my hand when I use them.


Serious cooks will recognise Sabatier. Treat yourself, go nuts………buy one of these.


Six of my favorite tools. From left to right is a micro-plane, followed by a fish spatula and then assorted knifes. I find I use these items more regularly at home. Everything else is fluff, nice for show and tell. But I like my kitchen organization spartan and clutter free. The other knives will be wrapped and stored away for another day.


The teeth on this microplane are fine enough for garlic and citrus. For my way of cooking, I use this tool for garlic paste or lemon zest which I use in rubs and marinades.


Finally, something that will not slice or shred your finger……fava beans. These are the  fava beans of movie fame. They look very cool and attractive. That is until you have to prep a 10 pound bag of fresh favas. Something you won’t look forward to again, I assure you. But hey, every once in a season you have to indulge spring. These favas did not come from my garden. Previously, I have not had luck growing them in my little space but I’m gonna try again. This time I want to plant them for Fall. There are less bugs around then. So fingers crossed. For that to happen, I would need a July planting, August at the latest. Plenty of time. I’m still not too sure what I want to do with these favas………raw with a wedge of pecorino, fava bean puree, a spring minestra. I do know one thing. Because they are such a pain the ass to prepare (though delicious), that explains why you are lucky if you get to see a half dozen on your plate at a restaurant. At home you can eat all you want as long as you do the prep. So eat like a peasant and enjoy that glass of Chianti.