Along Came …..Many Spiders


These are gossamer spiders……..itsy bitsy baby spiders. These were right outside my back door. When they are ready, they release their spinnerets and off they go with the wind. Next morning, they were gone. Off to wreak havoc somewhere, hopefully in my garden.


Today is the big day. I got the seeds off of Time to re-read Jack and the Beanstalk and ask yourself…….just what kind of bean were the Brothers Grimm referring to. I think it was fava beans. I will try to plant those for Autumn.


Chervil in bloom. I use the sprigs in salads and vinaigrettes mostly. This will quiet happily re-seed itself and is very low maintenance.


Alpine strawberries in blossom.


And this is the garlic plant whilst in bloom. Actually, it is losing it’s leaves and seed pods are beginning to form. Maybe next year, I might be lucky enough to have wild garlic. I planted this garlic a year and a half ago. I was’nt expecting this but maybe I can also save the seed.


The Tuscan black kale will need to be thinned in the coming days. They are beginning to elbow each for space.


Large black spider crossing the drive-way. This one has’nt seen day-light for months and is hopefully ready for some action.


I spy with my little eye……taking cover among the radicchio.